Thank You So Much!

I can not be more pleased with the outcome of the case that Attorney Hicks represented for me, nor more thankful for his help. I was very nervous due to the charge and possible time being faced. I contacted Mr. Hicks and he responded VERY quickly. I know I rambled about the case because of nerves, but Mr. Hicks listened very patiently. We went over the case, his fees, and he gave me time to think. I quickly chose him and he continued to keep me informed about my case and impressed with his professionalism. My case was in Fulton County with a rough judge. Mr. Hicks was not phased or shook even after I heard other lawyers talking about how they normally don’t take cases in this judge’s courtroom due to her demeanor and sentences. On the day of my hearing, I hadn’t received notice. Neither had Mr. Hicks. But he had kept up with the courtroom and made sure I was there even though I wasn’t notified. Mr. Hicks, my wife, and I walked out of that courtroom with me receiving probation from a charge that carried 30 YEARS. THANK YOU, MR. HICKS!